Class Action Settlement House is a recovery firm specializing in Class Action Settlements specifically relating to allegations of price fixing which make their way through Federal Court. We also assist in locating Unclaimed Funds.

What is Class Action Settlement House LLC?

We are a recovery firm specializing in Class Action Settlements which make their way through federal court, specifically relating to allegations of price fixing. The settlements on which we work often involve mass purchases of specific commodities, services, components, chemicals, etc.

Class Action Settlement House takes your claim from start to finish. We provide clients with the criteria needed to submit a claim that is both accurate and timely. By monitoring case developments on a daily basis, we are able to alert you to important dates and milestones expediently. This helps clients not miss deadlines or lose an opportunity to recover valuable funds.

What Else Do We Do?

If the criteria of a settlement demands data which you no longer possess, we have a variety of forensic financial methodologies to locate those missing records or their relatives which may be vital to your claim. We can employ these strategies to reconstruct your purchase history once you are client. It’s not a perfect science, and some claims simply aren’t approved. We strive to use every tool in our toolbox to maximize your claims value and the possibility of having it accepted.

What Don't We Do?

We are not a law firm. We do have legal staff, but their sole purpose is to assist in research, document interpretation and preparation. They do not provide legal advice. We are also not a claims administrator, although we do correspond with them when there is an issue with a given claim.

Why Use Class Action Settlement House?

There’s no need to hire additional staff to file your claims. Join the growing ranks of individuals and companies, large and small, who see the value in having Class Action Settlement House handle their recoveries. We are at your service—contact Class Action Settlement House today!