Here’s what some of our clients, past and present, have to say about the value in Antitrust Settlement Recovery...

Jim, Jim and Mike (East Syracuse, NY)

"We had not heard about a settlement involving LCD Screens before taking a call from Lee Carilli. LCDs were a core part of our business so we became very interested in what he had to say. Together we spent several hours organizing facts and figures from our company’s purchase patterns and gathering our purchase history over 8 eligible years. Less than a year later we received the surprise of a lifetime."

"We were out of town when our check arrived at the office. I instructed my secretary to open the envelope and let me know the amount. As she read the number, I thought it was a misprint. After receiving a picture of the check which she took, I saw that it wasn’t. To think of what we would have missed, had I not taken the time to listen to what Lee had to say."

"From start to finish it is always a smooth and hassle-free process with no upfront costs whatsoever. We have since worked with Mr. Carilli on several other cases and look forward to many more."

B.J. Heggli

"When we were short-staffed, it was difficult and time consuming to refine our data sets to meet the requirements of certain settlements. Not only did Mr. Carilli make us aware of the settlements about which we had not heard, but he also rolled up his sleeves and did some heavy lifting too. His assistance proved to be invaluable."

"Wrangling spreadsheet after spreadsheet, Lee refined the data to match the requirements of each individual case. With each settlement, our payments began to add up with recovery checks arriving steadily almost every 12-18 months. In between, he has provided timely and periodic updates and alerts about new cases that might be of interest. It’s great to have a point man watching out for you without taking up much of my time and it has been a very rewarding business arrangement."

John B. (UFP Technologies)

"It has been a pleasure working with Lee for the past several years. He has consistently proven to be a model of efficiency and integrity on multiple cases for UFP Technologies. Lee does not bombard prospects and clients with unrelated cases, but only when there appears to be a strong likelihood of fit and every instance he has brought before us has led to a favorable result."

"The data required has been professionally presented in a manner that led to efficient and easy compliance with the requirements of the class action. On top of which, I have found Lee’s integrity to be above reproach and I recommend him without reservation."